Gabor's Musings

March 2024: Say It Now 

October 2023: Position, Pace, and Power: How to win the financial race of life

July 2023: Let's celebrate the good times, but be prepared for the bad times 

March 2023: Recent Bank Failures: why we stress Position of your financial model 

November 2022: Time to slow down and give thanks 

June 2022: Feeling hot, hot, hot 

March 2022: Are you in position to weather the storm?

November 2021: A Day to be Thankful 

October 2021: Want to hear something really scary? This year's almost over! 

July 2021: Go for the gold!

April 2021: You don’t need life insurance in retirement 

February 2021: Will your plan get you through the winter? 

November 2020: A Day for Thanksgiving & Gratitude 

October 2020: What's spookier: Halloween or Retirement Planning? 

September 2020: And just like that, it's fall! 

June 2020: Holy Cow, we're halfway home! 

May 2020: COVID-19 stress relievers 

April 2020: Coronavirus e-mail & other scams 

February 2020: Stay calm and wash your hands 

January 2020: The Best Decade Ever 

November 2019: Time to be grateful and celebrate 

July 2019: Bring it on home ladies! 

May 2019: The reason we get this Monday off

April 2019:  Time for those May flowers! 

March 2019: Time to get your Marie Condo on and clean out that garage! 

January 2019: Back to Basics 

December 2018: What is important to you in this life? 

November 2018: Being grateful is as easy as: Stop, Look, Go 

October 2018: Want to see something really scary? 

May 2018: Remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice 

March 2018: Spring is in the air & baseballs are leaving the yard! 

January 2018: The Evil Empire vs. the Cheesesteaks 

December 2017: Provisions in new tax bill that may impact you / May want to take action before Dec.

November 2017: Happy Eudaimonia Day!

October 2017:  When winter comes, will you be prepared? 

September 2017: Just because you have a plan, doesn't mean it's going to work 

August 2017: Harvey: Helping those in Need

July 2017: Sum-Sum-Summertime!

May 2017: Time to Remember and Honor Those Who Serve

April 2017: April Showers: Raining on the Retirement Industry's Parade

February 2017: The Euphoria of the 20,000 Dow




"Above all things, to thine own self be true."
—William Shakespeare