Time to remember & honor those who serve

As we enter the unofficial beginning of summer this weekend and prepare to head out and enjoy whatever plans we have (or don’t have), let’s be sure to keep those who we have to thank for having this holiday weekend in the first place front & center.

Three things we can do to remind our brave service-men & women how much we appreciate them:

  1. Get the kids out to your local Memorial Day parade, teach them about where our freedom comes from.
  2. Visit your local VFW post.  And bring them some cookies that you baked or a case of beer.  You will make their day!
  3. If you see a vet at the supermarket, in the store, down the shore, stop and talk to them.  Thank them for what they’ve laid down on the line for us and listen to their story.

I know I’m just scratching the surface here.  Please share your ideas and I will be sure to pass them along.  I hope you have a wonderful & safe Memorial Day weekend!