(July 2021) Go for the gold!

Boy, did I love watching the Olympics when I was a kid!  And as I get older, even more so.  These athletes are tremendous human beings.  Just to be able to compete at that level, let alone win the gold…wow!  I think the commentators & media folks should remind themselves and their audiences of that once in a while.

While most of us will not compete at an Olympic level, we all have the same stuff inside of us that these athletes have: drive, heart, passion, brains, and the will to keep moving forward.  We all get knocked backwards or flat, right off our feet every once in a while.  But we get back up and keep moving forward.  That's our nature, that's what makes us tick.  So while you're watching these athletes and newly minted national & international heroes, remember they are all heroes and so are many of the 'regular' folks back home.  We certainly proved that once again this past year and a half.

3 Things to Focus on This Month:

1) Read a Book: And make sure it’s not related to your profession/business.  I’m reading some of the old classics that I never read.  The famous Mark Twain quote comes to mind: “A classic is a book which people praise and don't read”.  Ha-ha, that was true for me in many cases and I’m changing it one book at a time.  Currently on my nightstand is Robinson Crusoe. 

2) Move & stretch your body: Every day for the rest of your life.  Walk, run, bike, hike, play tennis, row, lift weights, whatever you enjoy.  If this is new for you, be sure to consult a personal trainer or fitness expert to avoid injury and, of course, check with your doctor before embarking on any new exercise regimen.

3) Watch the Olympics: Especially the sports you don’t see anywhere else.  Kayaking anyone?  And if you hate the Olympics, NFL training camps open July 27!

Enjoy the summer, it will gone before you can blink!!

Best Regards,