August Newsletter

Harvey: Helping those in Need

Some of the big reasons people save money and build wealth is to provide for their family, their future, and their security.  But there’s another major reason, one that doesn’t always make its way into financial press, but one I hear over and over from our clients: to have the ability to help others.  In light of what is happening in Houston and other areas along the Texas coast, like Beaumont, I know many of you are looking for ways to help those in need.  But before you give to any organization, especially in times of crisis, it is advisable to do your homework first.  Scammers and fake charities are poised to take advantage of the goodness of your heart.  Here is an article I came across on, “Help Houston: 4 Ways To Avoid Fake Harvey Charities”, that I hope you find helpful:

There are other ways to help without sending money or flying/driving to Texas.  Send non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies, diapers, clothing, etc. (there is no shortage of lists you can find on-line as well as info as to where to send items).  An idea that Monica brought to my attention and one that is near and dear to our hearts is helping out at your local animal shelter.  She alerted me to the fact that over 100 dogs from Texas have been relocated to NJ this week.  And there are dogs being transported to CA and other parts of the country as well to free up space in shelters in San Antonio, Austin, etc. so that animals who are displaced by Harvey can be relocated to these shelters much closer to home.  Call your local animal shelter and see if they are involved and how you can help. 

I hope you enjoy the unofficial last weekend of summer.  Let’s not lament the fact that it’s over, but celebrate the nice memories that were created and maybe even add a few more to the list.