Time to slow down and give thanks (November 2022)

I just love Thanksgiving.  Family and friends gathered around the table, delicious food, the beautiful colors of the season, football, and no running around for presents!

As we have emerged from the pandemic, it seems that our life has gotten ‘back to normal’ and along with that comes the busyness that had always reigned supreme at this time of year.  That is why I so look forward to this holiday in particular, where you can slow down time for one day, maybe even for a few days, and take stock of what is going on around you, and give thanks for all that is good in our lives.  I am most thankful for the amazing relationships in my life: my family, my friends, our business partners, and our clients.  I feel truly blessed. 

I hope you will also have the opportunity to focus on the good things in your life.  And to be with some of the people in this world who are most important to you.  And for those you can’t be with, perhaps you’ll have time to call, write, or even just text to let them know how much they mean to you.

And let’s not forget those in need.  There’s so much we can do to help those who are experiencing hard times, from donating food, a warm coat or even a simple act of kindness.  Even the smallest gesture can make a big difference.  If you are fortunate to have a veteran in your midst tomorrow or see one in your travels, stop to thank them for their service.  It will mean the world to them and they deserve our thanks. 

Enjoy some slow down time, enjoy the company you’ll be with, and let’s Go Giants, beat dem Cowboys!  Have a Safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

Best Regards,