Bring it on home ladies! (July 2019)

Somehow, half of the year is gone.  I feel like this year has flown by faster than usual and everyone I talk to agrees with that sentiment (don't we say that every year??!!).  As you prepare to head out for the weekend and look towards celebrating the 4th of July next week, let’s focus on these 3 things:

1) Stop and smell the roses (and fireworks!):  This is not the first time you’ve seen me list this as a focus item (and it won’t be the last!).  It is something we have remind ourselves to do and to do consciously.  There's so much we miss day to day.  Look at the clouds, listen to the wind or the birds, say thank you for anything big or small in your life.  A little focus, just for a few minutes here and there, will go a long way.

2) Check the progress/status of your model:  We're halfway through the year.  Are you on target to save at least 15% of your gross income?  Are you maintaining 50% of gross income in cash as a reserve?  Do you need to review/update your wills or any of your insurance policies?  Are there investment opportunities that you should be focusing on?  Are you making progress in your most crucial non-financial areas of your life?  

3) Go outside: Walk, run, play tennis, barbecue, go to the pool, beach, woods, etc.  Being outside in the fresh air is good for your brain, body, and soul.  Don't forget the sunblock!!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend next week.  And today, don’t forget to cheer on our U.S. women’s soccer team as they take on the host country, France.  Win or lose, they are tremendous athletes competing at the highest level of the sport and we’re proud of them.  Go USA!