Holy Cow, we're halfway home! (June 2020)

Somehow, half of the year is gone.  In some ways it feels like it’s been more than a year since the new decade began, but in others it feels like a blip.  We’ve been stuck in this bizarro, pandemic shutdown, time standing still world since March and all of a sudden we’re staring 4th of July weekend square in the face!  Well, I think a few days of kicking back, relaxing, and not making any more serious decisions other than pool or beach, umbrella or no umbrella in my drink, etc. is in order.

As you prepare to head out for the weekend or to get the back yard in order for some social distance-style BBQ’s, keep these 3 things in mind to focus on this month:

1) Stop and smell the roses (and the fireworks!):  Similar to one of last month’s COVID-19 stress relievers, but did you do this enough in the past 30 days?  It take conscious effort in the beginning.  There's so much we miss day to day.  A little focus, bringing yourself into the present just for a few minutes here and there, will help you develop this into an unconscious habit.

2) Check the progress/status of your model:  We're halfway through the year.  Are your wills/estate plan up to date?  Are you on target to save at least 15% of your gross income?  Are you maintaining 50% of gross income in cash as a reserve?  Are there investment opportunities that you should be focusing on?  Any holes in your Protection component?  Are you making progress in the most crucial non-financial areas of your life?  If you’re not where you want to be based on the goals you set back on January 1, there’s plenty of time to get back on track.  If you’re on pace or ahead, keep it going!

3) Read a Book: and make sure it has pages, not a screen, and is not related to your profession/business.

Whatever you do this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July celebration.  We are so fortunate to live in this country.  You can disagree with that statement and that’s your prerogative.  That’s exactly what we’re celebrating.

Stay safe,